Easily & quickly model your entire DWH in five simple steps

Step 1

Add your data lake / db

Add your data lake / db as a source to Daana. Your data will not be moved, Daana will only access your meta-data. 

Step 2

Describe your business

Describe your business and metrics to our AI to generate the first draft of your information model. This model describes your core business concepts. You can also choose to create your information model manually. 

Step 3

Adjust your information model

You have the options to adjust & expand the model as needed.

Step 4

Map your data to the model

Map the data in your lake / db to the model. You can also do advanced data transformations directly in Daana.

Step 5

Build your workflow

Use Daana workflows to tie everything together and deploy to your chosen environment. Data will never leave your cloud environment, Daana is fully meta-data-driven!

Daana will then automatically:

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