Frustrated with inconsistencies in slow delivery of
new insights?

Frustrated with slow delivery of new insights?

Turn raw operational data into reliable insights in record time

Automatically transform raw data into a business representation that is BI ready, 100x faster than building pipelines manually

It starts with wanting to understand your business

The data journey typically starts with wanting to better understand your business; often starting small, by asking your CTO or dev team to create a report.

It quickly becomes overwhelming

Requirements and scope quickly grow, putting pressure on your internal dev teams who generally aren’t well equipped to build large scale analytics or BI solutions.

...and creates frustration

Data consumers are frustrated due to:

Dev teams are frustrated due to:

Root cause: operational data is not created for analytics

Enabling data-driven decision-making is hard. Operational systems are not created for analytics; turning raw data into actionable insights requires transformation and integration of the data. This is hard work and requires specialized knowledge.

There is a better way! better way!

There is a better way!

Automatically transform raw data into a business representation that is BI ready, 100x faster than building the solution manually. Without the need for data engineers.

Features and benefits

Quick and easy to create new reports and get insights

Daana automatically creates a commercial representation of the data, making it easy and fast for data consumers to create new reports.

Easy to merge raw data from multiple operational systems

Daana automatically and seamlessly transforms raw data from multiple systems into a business representation of the information.

Single source of truth

Daana creates an information layer as a business representation of the data with clear definitions of what the data represents. This layer acts as a common language for the organisation’s data, and increases trust in its correctness.

Reduced complexity for engineering teams

Daana automatically builds, orchestrates & loads your data pipeline. The days of manually creating or fixing broken data pipelines are gone.

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